This is Dice Tower Now for the week of November 22, 2022. This week, Star Wars builds and Shatters, CMoN describes some Stranger Things, we Tether Broccoli together with cards, and what better gift for Weird Giraffes than Tulips?



  • Star Wars Shatterpoint announced by Atomic Mass Games
  • KennerSpiel winner Living Forest gets expansion
  • Hasbro fails to crowdfund HeroScape
  • CMoN details Rob Daviau cooperative title Stranger Things Upside Down
  • Tether by Mark McGee and publisher How to Steam Broccoli
  • World Exchangers and World Splitters by Emperor S4
  • Weird Giraffe Games announces Gift of Tulips
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak second expansion
  • Lots of Hachette Announcements
  • Qawale from Gigamic
  • Vaalbara and Vivarium from Studio H
  • Tribes of the Wind from La Boîte de Jeu
  • Rauha from GRRRE
  • Daryl Andrews wins Game Innovator of the Year at TAGIES






  • Nimalia



  • Spots by Alex Hague, Jon Perry, and Justin Vickers, published by CMYK
  • Brazil Imperial by Portal Games and Ze Mendes
  • Lacrimosa by Gerard Ascensi and Ferran Renalias, published by Devir
  • Topic_ by designer Luffy and Sit Down! Games
  • Circadians: Chaos Order by S J Macdonald and Zach Smith, published by Renegade Games
  • Endless Winter: Paleoamericans by Stan Kordonskiy published by Fantasia Games
  • Ragnarocks, designed by Gord!, published by Grey Fox
  • Splendor Duel by Marc Andre and Bruno Cathala, published by Asmodee
  • Village Rails by Matthew Dunstan and Osprey Games
  • Bargain Basement Bathysphere by Scott Slomiany and WizKids




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