This is Dice Tower Now for the week of May 16, 2022. This week, the best cuisine comes from CATAN, Steve Jackson brings back wizards from 1983 for the 9th time, and Blue Orange Games - you can’t eat just one.



  • Rollacrit to provide accessories for both CATAN and GenCon
  • Asmodee and Ulysses Press announce cookbooks based on CATAN and Ticket to Ride
  • Fog of Love: Lockdown Expansion announced
  • Tabriz coming from Cascadia designer Randy Flynn and Crafty Games
  • New editions of Groo and Wiz-War crowdfunding soon from Steve Jackson Games
  • Asmodee creates Access+ Studio
  • Annapurna tournament to be held at PAX Unplugged
  • Lunar Outpost announced by Ravensburger and designer Michael Mulvihill
  • Blue Orange Games announces Bag of Chips
  • Crescent Moon coming from Osprey Games and designer Steven Mathers





  • When the cat is away, Lucky Duck designs a Frosthaven app



  • Platypus by Phil Walker-Harding published by Arrakis Games
  • The Thing: The Boardgame by Giuseppe Cicero and Andrea Crespi, published by Pendragon Studios
  • Dice Realms by Thomas Lehmann published by Rio Grande Games
  • Chronicles of Avel by Przemek Wojtkowiak published by Rebel Studio
  • Squid Inc by Ivan Turner published by WizKids
  • Unlock Kids: Detective Stories by Cyril Demaegd, Marie Fort, and Wilfried Fort, published by Space Cowboys
  • Terra Mystica Big Box by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag published by Capstone Games
  • Décorum by Charlie Mackin, Harry Mackin and Drew Tenenbaum published by Floodgate Games
  • Founders of Teotihuacan by Filip Głowacz published by Board and Dice




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