Remy tells us about board game news to take our minds off Christmas shopping.  Thanks, Mr. Gibson!

Show notes can be found here:

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Yay, the news!!!

Remy Gibson gives us the board game news for November 30, 2012!

Find the show notes here:

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December is almost here.  Have you started Christmas Shopping Yet?  Remy is here to help you with the boardgame news, at least!

Show notes are here:

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Yay, a new week!  Remy returns with more board game news.

You can find the notes to his show here:

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Slightly late, but still consistent - Remy Gibson brings us the board game news!

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The day before Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for?  Remy Gibson and his board game news, of course!

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After a convention-filled week, Remy Gibson arises bright and early to give us the board game news!

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Two conventions this week - both focused on board games.  And Remy Gibson to give us the news!

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It's the weekend, Thanksgiving is close, and Remy Gibson once again gives us the news!  Huzzah!

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The election is over, and half the country is happy, the other half not.  But all those listening to Remy are happy, because here he is once again with the board game news!

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