Yay, the news!!!

Remy Gibson gives us the board game news for November 30, 2012!

Find the show notes here:


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December is almost here.  Have you started Christmas Shopping Yet?  Remy is here to help you with the boardgame news, at least!

Show notes are here:


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Yay, a new week!  Remy returns with more board game news.

You can find the notes to his show here:


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Slightly late, but still consistent - Remy Gibson brings us the board game news!

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The day before Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for?  Remy Gibson and his board game news, of course!

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After a convention-filled week, Remy Gibson arises bright and early to give us the board game news!

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Listen to more of the top board gaming news, brought to you by Remy Gibson!

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Get ready to listen to the latest board game news with Remy Gibson!

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Two conventions this week - both focused on board games.  And Remy Gibson to give us the news!

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It's the weekend, Thanksgiving is close, and Remy Gibson once again gives us the news!  Huzzah!

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