This is Dice Tower Now for the week of July 18, 2023. This week, children's games involve teeth and butts, Nature is the end to Evolution, in the 25th century we all ride sheep, and award shows are a challenge.



  • Keymaster Games lawsuit
  • Spiel des Jahres winners announced
  • GAMA Horizons Foundation Applications due July 31
  • Exploding Kittens to do childrens games under Kitten Games
  • English edition of Splito coming from 25th Century Games
  • Eila and Something Shiny coming from North Star Games
  • Nature, final game in Evolution series, from North Star Games
  • Karma Games announces Clans of Caledonia expansion and flip & write title Penninsula
  • Horror on the Orient Express board game announced by Chaosium
  • Mutton Bustin’ by publisher 25th Century Games
  • Savage Bowl Trick Taking Games from Ninja Star Games and Burekeke Games
  • Making Board Games - The CGE Documentary docuseries on YouTube





  • Sunjutsu haiku series



  • Rome in a Day by Evgeny Petrov and Alley Cat Games
  • Oltree: Undead and Alive expansion by Antoine Bauza and John Grumph, published by Studio H
  • Clever 4Ever by Wolfgang Warsch and Stronghold Games
  • Marvel DAGGER by Dane Beltrami, published by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Skoventyr by Morten Monrad Pedersen and inPatience
  • Guns or Treasure by Bryce Brown and Castillo Games
  • Dubious by Dave Neale and Arcane Wonders
  • Happy Bee by Maxime Rambourg and Theo Riviere, published by Helvetiq




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