This is Dice Tower Now for the week of February 14, 2022. This week, Gamefound finds a German sugar daddy, the courts decide matters of Life and Life, and Holy Munchkin Batman!



  • Ravensburger buys into Gamefound
  • Game of Life lawsuit
  • Hamlet coming March 8 to KS from Mighty Boards
  • Yosemite from WizKids
  • Moonbases and Mars expansions for Maglev Metro
  • Rest in Peace
  • Munchkin Batman!
  • Marvel Champions: Nova





  • Sherlock: Case Connection



  • Paris L’Etoile from Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer, published by Game Brewer
  • Stroganov by Andreas Steding, published by Game Brewer
  • Hippocrates by Alan Orban, published by Game Brewer
  • Journeys in Middle Earth: Spreading War by Nathan I. Hajek and Grace Holdinghaus, published by Fantasy Flight
  • Shinkansen: Zero Kei by Llama Dice, published by Ludonova
  • Tales from the Loop the Board Game by Rickard Antroia and Martin Takaichi, published by Free League Publishing




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