This is Dice Tower Now for the week of January 3, 2022. This week, rumors rise around wood and brass, WizKids holds its breath and solos an SAT word, and Cooper Island gets skilled labor.



  • Cooper Island gets a mini-expansion
  • Designer Gavan Brown comments on sequel to Brass
  • Woodcraft by Ross Arnold and Vladimír Suchý teased from Delicious Games
  • Ticket to Ride Play Pink project raised $184,000
  • WizKids announces solo campaign roll and write Bargain Basement Bathysphere
  • PSI makes distribution deal with CMoN for Asia and the Middle East
  • Cascadia and Lost Ruins of Arnak win Gouden Ludo Flemish Game Award
  • Framework coming from Uwe Rosenberg and Pegasus Spiele
  • FYFE announced from Pegasus Spiele and designer Kosch
  • Solo campaign expansion for Empires of the North coming from Portal Games





  • Tranquility for the New Year



  1. Ark Nova from Feuerland Spiele and Capstone Games
  2. Lost Ruins of Arnak by CGE
  3. Townsfolk Tussle by Stephen Louis, Tony Mayer, and Rachel Rusk
  4. Dune: Imperium by Dire Wolf Digital
  5. Sleeping Gods from Red Raven Games
  6. Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games
  7. Radlands from Roxley Games and designer Daniel Piechnick
  8. Cascadia from Flatout Games and designer Randy Flynn




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