This week, Fantasy Flight loses the Keys to the Forge, CMoN gets all fungible on us, Hanamikoji gets a septet of expansions, and I am in Miami!



  • CMoN enters the world of NFTs
  • KeyForge algorithm is broken, stops new deck production
  • Santa Monica: Long Weekend announced
  • Tholos coming from Perro Loko Games
  • 2 player Espresso Doppio coming from HUCH!
  • Bruno Cathala’s Insert coming to Board Game Arena
  • 10th anniversary edition of Qwirkle coming in October
  • Mille Fiori from Reiner Knizia announced
  • Hanamikoji and Hanamikoji 2 getting set of 7 mini expansions
  • Game Brewer bringing back Palaces of Carrara from Kramer and Kiesling
  • Arcane Woncders distributing Mother of Frankenstein
  • 7 Wonders Architects by Antoine Bauza announced
  • Paleo expansion A New Beginningcoming in October
  • Anno 1800 getting an expansion
  • Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Spies, Lies, and Supplies coming soon





  • Super Mario Labyrinth
  • So Clover
  • Super Mega Lucky Box
  • Dune


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