This episode, Pokemon cards go on lockdown, those pesky kittens get another game, Maracaibo rises up with an expansion, Pandemic’s Hot Zone extends to Europe, and we celebrate with a fine bottle of Dom Pierre.



  • Major retailers pull Pokemon cards
  • New publisher Bright Eye Games announces bee and termite games
  • Maracaibo expansion The Uprising announced
  • Isle of Cats: Explore and Draw added to Kittens Kickstarter
  • IELLO announces Last Message
  • Button Shy to release expansion pack for Tussie Mussie
  • Pandemic Hot Zone: Europe coming this summer
  • Ascension 10 year anniversary edition
  • Games Workshop announces Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition
  • Lost Explorers coming from Asmodee and designer Cédrick Chaboussit
  • Renegade Studios releasing Transformers Deck-Building Game
  • Pile Up Games teases Champagne producing game Dom Pierre
  • Brian Boru: High King of Scotland coming from Peer Sylvester and Osprey Games
  • Details emerge about PureArts’ Orlog dice game





  • Ecos: New Horizons
  • Merchants Cove
  • Keyforge: Dark Tidings
  • Simolo: Wild Animals and Simolo: Animals
  • Marvel Champions: Starlord and Gamora
  • Mandala Stones



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