This episode, we take a look back at a week of reckoning for the hobby games industry and present chapter 2 of a game designer's real life horror story. Plus, we'll check out Kickstarters for "Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game" and "Bunny Party at Maple Valley."



  • The hobby games community deals with the fallout after a week of controversy.
  • Publisher dv Giochi acquires Ghenos Games.
  • Reiner Knizia's "Equinox" joins Plan B's Century line.
  • PortalCon 13 reveals a slew of new titles.
  • "Castles of Mad King Ludwig" gets a collector's edition, now on Kickstarter.
  • "Russian Railroads" gets a big box edition in "Ultimate Railroads."
  • Find tiny people doing big bad in "MicroMacro: Crime City."
  • Stop and smell the flowers in "Floriferous."
  • Build bridges from island to island in "Hashi."
  • "Summoner Wars" and "Magic the Gathering" launch new comics.
  • Rare mint "Magic the Gathering" Black Lotus card set to break records.



  • Carnegie
  • Primal: The Awakening
  • Carpe Diem
  • Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon
  • Darwin's Journey
  • Bloodborne: The Board Game



  • Corey presents part 2 of the all-too-true horror story behind one designer's experience making their first game.





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