This is Dice Tower Now for the week of March 14, 2023. This week, AEG does shrooms, The great western trail moves 6500 miles southeast, Zombicide misspells Brazil's second biggest city, and CATAN scores a goooooal.



  • AEG Sneak Peeks
  • FunAgain to Close Webstore
  • Great Western Trail New Zealand
  • Diced Veggies
  • Yokai Sketch
  • Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro
  • Misconceptions by Rabble Games Studio
  • Waffle Time
  • Overboss Duel
  • Free Solo Content for 3000 Scoundrels
  • Catan Football Fever
  • New Disney Titles from Funco
  • Jasco no Longer Exclusive to Asmodee
  • Obituary: Herb Levy, Founder of Gamers Alliance





  • Corey tells us about Lucky Duck and sounds terrible doing it




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