This is Dice Tower Now for the week of November 15, 2022. This week, there’s just too much Magic, ironically Embracer’s Z-Man embraces Tragedy, Libellud finds kids a real mystery, and the news is all CATAN all the time.



  • Hasbro stock suffers
  • Tragedy Looper New Tragedies from Z-Man
  • Triggs by Karin Hetling and Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag (NSV)
  • Mysterium Kids announced by llibelud
  • Time of Empires from Pearl Games
  • Bruno Cathala's Oh My Brain coming to English from 25th Century Games
  • Siliconvania coming from WizKids
  • Cubosaurs coming from Catch Up Games
  • Lots of CATAN news






  • My Shelfie



  1. Dune Imperium
  2. Tiletum
  3. Weather Machine
  4. FlameCraft
  5. Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood
  6. Ark Nova
  7. Heat: Pedal to the Metal
  8. Endless Winter: Paleoamericans
  9. Unconscious Mind
  10. Frosthaven




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