This is Dice Tower Now for the week of September 12, 2022. This week, video game conversions are romantik, Ares Games is both Rich and Good, and Catan is nominated right alongside sand.



  • Catan nominated to National Toy Hall of Fame
  • Tails on Fire by HeidelBÄR
  • Deep Print Games announces Beer and Bread
  • Dorfromantik coming from Pegasus Spiele
  • Steamforged Games announces Elden Ring board game
  • Hab & Gut creturning as The Rich and the Good
  • Wonderful World Board Game bringing Touch It
  • Steve Jackson Games announces 2 Christmas titles
  • Disney: Space Mountain coming from Ravensburger
  • Publisher Pegasus Spiele announces Monster Inn





  • Flamecraft how to play



  • Twilight Inscription by James Kniffen, published by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Star Trek Ascendancy Breen Confederacy and Dominion War designed by Andrew Haught and Phil Yates, published by Gale Force 9
  • Little Flower Shop the Dice Game by Dr Finns Games, designed by Steve Finn
  • Parks: Wildlife by Henry Audubon and Mattox Shuler, published by Keymaster Games
  • The Spill by designer Andy Kim, published by Smirk and Dagger
  • Antematter by Bardshark Games
  • Dulce by Stronghold Games, designed by Julio E. Nazario
  • Studies in Sorcery by Chris Glein, published by Weird Giraffe Games
  • Red Cathedral: Contractors by Isra C. and Shei S., published by Devir




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