This is Dice Tower Now for the week of July 18, 2022. This week, Cool Mini takes the war to Mount Dune, Hasbro spells Mastermind, Disney’s villains makes us cry, WizKids goes through some Super Damage Control, and Spiel Spiel Spiely Spiel.



  • Spiel des Jahres winners announced
  • PHD acquires British distributor Bliss
  • CMoN nnounces Dune: War for Arrakis
  • The Boys themed Zombicide packs available from CMoN
  • Wordle the Party Game coming from Hasbro Pulse
  • Blind Box game Disney Kingdomania coming from Funko
  • Disney Villains card game by Leo Colovini and Ravensburger
  • Parks: Wildlife expansion coming from Keymaster
  • AEOLOS coming from Arve D. Fühler amd Guido Eckhof
  • Discordia from from Bernd Eisenstein and publisher Irongames
  • Asmodee making 3 games based on Netflix shows Ozark, Squid Game, and Stranger Things
  • Marvel: Damage Control from Amari Akil and WizKids
  • La Boca being reimagined as Recto Verso from Tiki Editions and Super Meeple
  • Animal Espionage from Twin City Games and designer Joe Hout





  • Corey dominates at Banner Festival



  1. Ahoy
  2. Isle of Trains: All Aboard
  3. Spirit Island
  4. My Father's Work
  5. Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood
  6. Moon
  7. Beyond the Sun
  8. Ark Nova
  9. Puerto Rico 1897
  10. Revive




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