This is Dice Tower Now for the week of June 6, 2022. This week, we explore gran sendero del oeste, more details emerge on teeny tiny terra, the newest patchwork play is you know stacks and stuff, and the next thingavellir for nidavellir is idavellir.



  • FunForge Kickstarter troubles
  • Great Western Trail Argentina detailed by Eggertspiele
  • Terra Nova detailed by Capstone Games
  • Atiwa by Uwe Rosenberg announced by Lookout Games
  • Splendor Duel shown by Space Cowboys
  • ReMEmber coming from Pegasus Spiele
  • Tidal Blades: Banner Festival announced by Druid City Games
  • Second expansion to Nidavellir, Idavoll, announced
  • Patchwork Express variant Stack'N Stuff announced by Lookout Games





  • Destinies Community Editor Contest and Origins



  • Eco: Coral Reef by Izik Nevo and Unique Board Games
  • Ouch! By Romain Caterdjian and Théo Rivière, published by Devir
  • Mystic Paths by Brian Leet and Kevin Worden, published by R&R Games
  • eXplorers by Phil Walker-Harding and Ravensburger
  • Batman: Everybody Lies by Weronika Spyra and Ignacy Trzewiczek, published by Portal Games
  • Guild of Merchant Explorers by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J Gilberts, published by AEG
  • Mortum - Medieval Detective by Sergey Minevich and Arcane Wonders
  • Creature Comforts by Roberta Taylor and Kids Table Board Games
  • Space Base - The Mysteries of Terra Proxima by John D. Clair and AEG
  • Cartaventura: Lhasa and Cartaventura: Vinland by Thomas Dupont and Arnaud Ladagnous, published by KOSMOS
  • Air, Land, & Sea: Spies, Lies, & Supplies by Jon Perry and Arcane Wonders
  • Prehistories by Alexandre Emerit and Benoit Turpin, published by 25th Century Games




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