This is Dice Tower Now for the week of April 25, 2022. This week, Netflix explodes with kittens, FFG spends its 25th anniversary scribbling all over TI4, Ticket to Ride improves on a 6½, and Maui beaches are definitely the Next Move.



  • Exploding Kittens announces digital game and animated series from Netflix
  • Fantasy Flight teases roll-and-write Twilight Inscription
  • prepares crowdfunding for 4 expansions
  • Catherine: The Tsarina's Cities coming from dlp
  • Greater then Games announces Spirit Island: Feathers and Flame
  • Gale Force 9 announces deck builder Firefly: Misbehavin'
  • Party game Topic coming from Luma Imports
  • Hangman Games starts DecaDesign micropublishing project
  • The Gig jazz themed roll-and-write coming from Braincrack Games
  • Save Patient Zero announced from Helvetiq
  • Ticket to Ride: Poland coming from Days of Wonder
  • Stellarion, the sixth Oniverse title announced by InPatience Publishing
  • Beach area control title Maui coming from Next Move Games





  • Destinies Community Editor released on Steam



  • Murano: Light Masters by Carlo Camarotto and Francesco Testini, published by Matagot
  • Darwinauts by designer Chris Bryan and Green Couch Games
  • Dr. Who: Don't Blink by Dylan Birtolo, Josh Derksen, and Thomas M. Gofton, published by Gale Force 9
  • Familiar Tales by Jerry Hawthorne and Plaid Hat Games
  • Zapotec by designer Fabio Lopiano, published by Board and Dice
  • Golem by designers Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, and Simone Luciani, published by Cranio Creations
  • Azul: Queen’s Garden by designer Michael Kiesling and publisher Next Move Games
  • Katarenga by designer David Parlett and Rio Grande Games
  • Long Shot: The Dice Game by Chris Handy and Perplext




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