This is Dice Tower Now for the week of March 28, 2022. This week, the good doctor Knizia upgrades from a city to an island, another obscure IP from the 80s goes tabletop, and Oink gets Overload from Order 66.



  • Catan Studios announces Catan: Dawn of Humankind
  • My Island coming from Reiner Knizia and KOSMOS
  • Rails to the North expansion coming for second edition of Great Western Trail
  • New details for Star Wars Outer Rim expansion Unfinished Business
  • Mortum Medieval Detective coming from Arcane Wonders
  • Mobile Markets: A Smartphone Inc Game coming to retail after GenCon 2022
  • Keepers announced from Van Ryder
  • Northgard: Uncharted Lands coming to retail from Studio H
  • Escape From New York crowdfunding from Pendragon Studios in late 2022
  • My Little Pony deckbuilding game coming from Renegade
  • Two new Oink Games titles announced





  • The Dark Quarter



  • Siege of Runedar by Reiner Knizia, published by Asmodee
  • Blaze by the HeidelBÄR Games Team, published by HeidelBÄR Games
  • Happy City by Airu Sato and Toshiki Sato, published by Gamewright
  • Rulebenders by Tom Vandeweyer, published by Game Brewer
  • Dungeon Drop: Wizards and Spells by Scott R. Smith, published by Phase Shift Games
  • Museum: Pictura by Eric Dubus and Olivier Melison, published by Holy Grail Games
  • Wise Guys by Phil Yates and Gale Force 9




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