This is Dice Tower Now for the week of March 21, 2022. This week, Flat River gets fatter, Portals appear in Brazil, Smirkin’ Boopin’ Cats fall off the bed, and GAMA LAMA BOBAMA.



  • AEG announces Shake That City
  • Empire's End coming from John D Clair and Brotherwise Games
  • Planet Unknown from Adam's Apple Games coming to retial
  • Hybrid deck builder SolForge Fusion coming from Justin Gary and Richard Garfield
  • Tile placement game Akropolis announced by Hachette
  • Flat River Group acquires distributor Luma and Synapses Games
  • Smirk and Dagger releasing abstract game Boop
  • Portal Games to co-publish Brazil: Imperial by Zé Mendes
  • Ahoy is next asymmetrical title from Leder Games
  • Marvel: Remix is WizKid's next IP version for Fantasy Realms
  • Grand Gamers Guild selling Ukraian Ambassador promo card to help support refugees
  • Stonewall: Uprising, a historical treatment of the gay rights movement in America, coming from Taylor Shuss





  • Sherlock: Case Connection gameplay from GAMA



  • The Smoky Valley by Claude Sirois, published by Spielworxx
  • Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Marvel Legendary: Doctor Strange & The Shadows of Nightmare from Upper Deck Entertainment
  • Iki from designer Koota Yamada and publisher Sorry We Are French
  • Caper: Europe from Keymaster Games and designer Unai Rubio
  • Ginkgopolis: The Experts 3rd edition from Pearl Games and designer Xavier Georges
  • Dune: CHOAM and Richese Expansion from Gale Force 9
  • Glory Islands by Arve D. Fühler, published by Rio Grande Games




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