This week, Spiel is sold, Engelstein’s Encyclopedia evolves, there’s less box per bones, and Wolfgang wows the wee ones.



  • The Dice Tower Kickstarter for 2022 is up and running
  • Spielwarenmesse eG purchases Internationale Spieltage SPIEL
  • Nuremberg Toy Fair and New York Toy Fair cancelled
  • Gutenburg to be distributed to US by Portal Games
  • Second Edition of Geoff Engelstein's Building Blocks of Tabletop Game Design
  • Chip Theory Games' Too Many Bones getting a smaller box
  • CATAN Studio's US and International Championship schedule announced
  • Children's versions of Quacks of Quedlinberg and Ganz Schon Clever coming
  • Asmodee bringing Eriantys by Cranio Creations to US
  • Phil Walker-Harding and Blue Orange Games announce Museum Suspect
  • Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods coming from Cranio by designers Danilo Sabia and Simone Luciani
  • Gondolieri announced from Huch and designers Kiesling and Schmidt
  • Pearl Games announces Time of Empires by David Simiand and Peter Voye
  • First Empires coming from Sand Castle Games and designer Eric B. Vogel
  • Dire Wolf doing digital adaptation of Everdell



  • The Dark Quarter






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