This week, companies pay $3B to embrace Asmodee, Gloomhaven needs a bigger box, Nintendo emits a digital Oink, and you can win money playing Azul but only in Quebec.



  • The Dice Tower Audio Podcast ending after episode 750
  • Asmodee to be bought by Embracer Group AB
  • Asmodee purchases retailer Miniature Market
  • Gloomhaven miniatures set coming to Kickstarter
  • Time of Legends: Joan of Arc lawsuit coming to a resolution
  • Disney Villainous expansion Bigger and Badder announced
  • Azul themed lottery tickets available in Quebec
  • Digital Oink Games available on Nintendo Switch
  • The Cube: Area 51 coming from Greater than Games
  • Patchwork Valentines Edition announced





  • Lucky Duck accolades from Dice Tower Winter Spectacular



  1. Ark Nova from Feuerland Spiele and Capstone Games
  2. Sleeping Gods by Red Raven Games
  3. Undaunted: Reinforcements by Osprey Games
  4. Dune: Imperium by Dire Wolf Digital
  5. Shikoku 1889 from Deep Thought Games
  6. Cascadia from Flatout Games
  7. Vagrantsong by Wyrd Miniatures
  8. Lost Ruins of Arnak by CGE
  9. Destinies from Lucky Duck Games
  10. Call of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game from Hall or Nothing Productions
  11. Voyages from Postmark Games




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