This week, Alea rolls the dice with novice game designer Richard Garfield, Lucky Duck and Van Ryder are heading to the Big Easy, Hasbro is risking going back to Legacy, and Colt Express is going off the rails on a crazy train.



  • Paizo executives recognize new worker union
  • Dark Quarter coming from Lucky Duck and Van Ryder Games
  • Rock Paper Scissors deluxe edition on Kickstarter
  • Dungeons, Dice, and Danger Roll and Write coming from Alea and Richard Garfield
  • Hasbro announces legacy game Risk: Shadow Forces
  • Zenobia Award winners announced
  • Marvel television enters world of HeroClix
  • New Colt Express expansion - 2 Trains 1 Mission
  • Ticket to Ride and Unlock Puzzle Books on their way
  • Riftforce expansion Beyond announced
  • Goliath Games acquires Endless Games





  • For the King (and Me) by IELLO and Steve Finn
  • Little Factory from IELLO
  • Night of the Ninja from Brotherwise Games and Justin Gary
  • Greece Lightning by WizKids
  • Patchwork: Halloween Edition from Uwe Rosenberg and Lookout Games
  • Dinosaur World from Pandasaurus Games
  • Dune: House Secrets by Portal Games
  • Mystic Paths from R&R Games
  • Good Puppers from Asmadi Games and Chris Cieslik




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