This week, the dynamic duo of Restoration and Mondo are Unmatched, 2024 prophesizes new Dungeons and new Dragons, Steiness rocks Galactic, and Dust returns to Dust.



  • Restoration Games and Mondo Games reorganize relationship
  • Deep Rock Galactic coming to tabletop from designer Ole Steiness
  • Zoch Verlag announces Strand Unter and Kipp mir Saures
  • Dungeons and Dragons getting new edition in 2024
  • Ticket to Ride: Play Pink set to benefit Breast Cancer research
  • Alice Cooper’s Horrorbox coming from Fitz Games
  • Dust Studios closes its doors after 12 years
  • Hunt a Killer brings Agatha Christie mystery to retail





  1. Voidfall from Mindclash Games
  2. Fractal: Beyond the Void from Boar-Game Studio
  3. LUNA Capital by designer Jose Ramón Palacios and Devir
  4. Beast by Aron and Elon Midhall
  5. Dune Imperium by Dire Wolf Digital
  6. Descent: Legends of the Dark from Fantasy Flight Games
  7. Gutenberg from Granna Games and designers Katarzyna Cioch and Wojciech Wiśniewski
  8. Marrakesh from Queen Games and Stefan Feld




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