This week, Hot Banana Dim Sum for everyone, The Mysterium designer gets a Settlement, Poketto continues to be minty fresh, The Queen’s Gambit replaces Jedi with Grandmasters, and King Arthur gets all Smashed Up.



  • Inevitable price rise coming from Fantasy Flight and Atomic Mass Games
  • Greg Spence responds to accusations, steps down as CEO of Broken Token
  • Game Brewer, Catalyst, and R Talsorian Games skip GenCon
  • Settlement from designer Oleksandr Nevskiy and publisher IGAMES
  • Andromeda’s Edge coming from Luke Laurie and Cardboard Alchemy
  • Mint Bid and Mint Mini from Poketto
  • Smash Up Knights of the Round Table
  • Netflix Queen's Gambit board game coming from Mixlore
  • Sea of Legends expansion coming to Kickstarter from Guildhall Games
  • Renegade announces RPGs for GI Joe, Transformers, and Power Rangers
  • Pilgrim from Nick Case and Spielworxx
  • Dim Sum game Steam Up coming to Kickstarter from Hot Banana Games
  • Game of Thrones B’Twixt coming from Fantasy Flight





  • Power Failure by Artana Games
  • So Clover from Repos Games
  • The Night Cage from Smirk and Laughter
  • Waste Knights 2nd Edition by Galakta
  • Disney It’s a Small World from Funko Games
  • Stronghold: Undead 2nd Edition from Portal Games
  • Dungeon Decorators by SlugFest Games




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