This week, IDW’s future game development is IDK, it’s raining both Cat Ladies and Dog Lovers, Asmodee extends licensing agreements to everyone, and Chun-Li can theoretically fight Cuddle Team Leader in Magic.



  • IDW closing doors on game production
  • Video game IP Cuphead getting a board game
  • Dog Lover, sequel to Cat Lady, coming from AEG
  • New edition of Bruxelles 1893 coming to KS in 2022
  • Asmodee products coming from Event Mechandising
  • Asmodee escape room books coming from Mango Editions
  • Asmodee comics coming from Source Point Press
  • Catan merch coming from RollaCrit and Ata-Boy
  • Catan themed beer really on the way from Champion Beverage Club
  • Chicago getting Catan mural from artist Czr Prz
  • Plaid Hat Games not attending GenCon or Origins 2021
  • Atomic Mass Games announces no new products for Star Wars Armada
  • New MTG sets coming based on Street Fighter and Fortnite
  • Free web missions available for Unexpected Games’ The Initiative
  • Wizards of the Coast trademarks the term ‘Netrunner’





  1. Regicide by Badgers from Mars
  2. Voidfall from Mindclash Games
  3. Black Rose Wars by Marco Montanaro
  4. Descent: Legends of the Dark
  5. Ankh: Gods of Egypt from CMoN
  6. Dune: Imperium by Paul Dennen
  7. Lost Ruins of Arnak from CGE
  8. Black Rose Wars: Rebirth by Marco Montanaro




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