This week, we pull the hood off of the next Marvel Champions Pack, Mansions of Madness has completed renovations for now, Dune Dune Dune-y Dune, and Trading Card Games are half the battle.



  • PAX West clarifies safety and COVID rules
  • Disney Villains themed Werewolf coming from Zygomatic
  • No more expansions coming for Mansions of Madness
  • More TCGs breaking sales records at auction
  • The Hood Scenario Pack coming to Marvel Champions
  • The next Horrified is Horrified: American Monsters
  • Osprey Games announces 2-player Cryptid: Urban Legends
  • Dune Betrayal coming from designer of The Resistance
  • GI Joe Deck Building Game coming from Renegade Games
  • Caesar’s Empire from Holy Grail Games looks at other side of Asterix
  • More details emerge on Fire & Stone from Carcassonne’s Klaus-Jürgen Wrede





  • Lost Cities Roll and Write from Reiner Knizia and Thames & Kosmos
  • Clever Cubed by Wolfgang Warsch and Stronghold Games
  • Surrealist Dinner Party by Resonym Games
  • Islands in the Mist from Stronghold Games
  • Turbo Sleuth from WizKids Games




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