This week, everything is coming up Walker-Harding, Lost Ruins has Found Leaders, Asmodee and Amazon fight crime onine, and super mega lucky box, super mega luck box, super mega. Lucky box.



  • Trials and tribulations at TSR Games
  • Asmodee and Amazon go after game counterfeiters
  • Pessoa from Pythagoras Games and Orlando Sá
  • Super Mega Lucky Box from Gamewright and Phil Walker-Harding
  • Catan: Logik Rätsel coming from KOSMOS
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders expansion coming Q4 2021
  • Andor StoryQuest: Dark Path from KOSMOS
  • Kingsbridge: das Spiel from designer Wolfgang Kramer
  • High Score - Challenge Accepted! Dice game from Reiner Knizia





  • Summer Camp from Phil Walker-Harding
  • Llamaland from Phil Walker-Harding
  • Terraforming Mars Ares Project by Jacob Fryxelius, Sydney Engelstein and Nick Little
  • Juicy Fruits by Capstone Games and Christian Stöhr
  • Summoner Wars Second Edition by Plaid Hat Games and Colby Dauch




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