This episode, Catan once again extends in all three dimensions, Disney Sidekicks get their day in the spotlight, and Arydia brings that Xia feel to fantasy RPGs.




Arydia coming from Cody Miller and Far Out Games


UltraPRO bringing back 2 Lord of the RIngs Games


Zombicide Army of the Dead announced by CMON


Catan 3D Edition being reissued


Side Kicks announced from Spin Master Games and Eric Lang


Drawing game Doodle Dungeon from Pegasus Spiele and Ulrich Bloom


Capstone announces new Kramer and Kiesling Title Savannah Park


Expansion Ghosts of Saltmarsh for any D&D Adventure Game


Lucky Duck teases legacy god game Divinus


Shinkansen speeds into town from Ludonova and Llama Dice


The next Marvel Champions campaign expansion is The Mad Titan’s Shadow


Orange Nebula hints at the Vindication big box, Archive of the Ancients



Unicorn Stew

Skyline Express

Castle Panic Deluxe

Chai: Tea for 2

Tussie Mussie Expansions

Paperback Adventures

Sound Box



Dungeons and Dragons Monopoly

Sheepy Time

Teotihuacan Expansion Period


Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - Egyptian Kings


Vienna Connection



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