This episode, GenCon exhibitors are getting cold feet, MacroMicro: Crime City is soon being dealt a Full House, we learn almost nothing about Too Many Bones Elder Scrolls edition, and the Spiel nominees are announced.



-Companies becoming wary of attending GenCon 2021

-Isaac Childres comments on social responsibility in games

-Board & Dice clarifies position on Daniele Tascini games

-Spiel des Jahres nominations released for 2021

-CGE releases Lost Ruins of Arnak solo campaign, free to download

-Micromacro: Crime City - Full House expansion teased by Pegasus Spiele

-Chip Theory Games to produce licensed Elder Scrolls game

-Temple Gates Games working on Dominion digital app

-The Goonies: Never Say Die announced by Funko

-Munchkin Russia and Munchkin Bosses coming from Steve Jackson Games

-Battle of Five Armies revised edition coming from Ares



-Illuminati Confirmed

-Kiwi Chow Down

-Monstrosity the Card Game

-Catch Don Falconi

-Railways of Sweden, Australia and Rail Barons of the World

-Miniquest Adventures

-Vengeance: Roll and Fight

-Micro Dojo



-Fantasy Realms

-The Adventures of Robin Hood



-Lost Ruins of Arnak

-MicroMacro: Crime City

-Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile



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