This episode, Hasbro reports on Wizard of the Coast earnings, both fungible and non-fungible, GenCon details the haves and have nots of pandemic era conventions, CMYK obtains both Quacks and catapults, and Sarah Shah takes over as crowdfunding correspondent.



  • GenCon 2021 Health and Safety report
  • Hasbro releases first quarter profit report
  • 7 Wonders Mystery contest details
  • Alles auf einer Karte from NSV and Stefan Benndorf
  • Dexterity game Hurlyburly coming from CMYK Games
  • Noisy party game Soundbox coming from Horrible Guild
  • Second edition of Tyrants of the Underdark announced by Gale Force 9
  • Nicodemus by Bruno Cthala and Florian Sirieix coming from Bombyx Games
  • CMYK to publish Quacks of Quedlinburg and expansions
  • Scorpion Masque releases 2-player rules for Master Word



  • It’s a Wonderful Kingdom
  • Hellboy Expansions and Hellboy the Dice Game
  • Transmissions
  • Pletrix
  • Koi Garden
  • One Card Wonder
  • Canvas: Reflections



  • Valiant Wars published by Strange Machine Games
  • Rush MD by Artipia Games
  • Masters of the Night by Ares Games
  • Chronicles of Crime: 1900 from Lucky Duck Games
  • Fantasy Realms: Cursed Hoard by WizKids
  • Nidavellir: Thingvellir by GRRRE Games



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