This episode, Grail Games loses evil genius Knizia but gains all the “Minion”s, Board & Dice hires a fantastic Family, and Galaxy Trucker keeps on truckin'. And long time contributors Chris and Kitty deliver their final Kickstarter report.



  • Christian Petersen Purchases Fantasy Flight Gaming Center
  • Deckscape Crew vs Crew
  • Capstone announces Imperial Steam
  • Slugfest Games creates Dungeon Decorators
  • Alley Cat Games follows up Dice Hospital with Dice Theme Park
  • Exploding Kittens announces A Little Wordy
  • UltraPRO brings legacy destruction with Cutterland
  • Egyptian Kings expansion to Empires of the North coming from Portal Games
  • Yokohama Roll and Write coming from OKAZU
  • IELLO is making giant King of Tokyo Monster Box
  • Galaxy Trucker reprint coming from CGE
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Mojave Expansion announced by Modiphius
  • Upper Deck’s next Marvel Legendary expansion is Annihilation
  • Treasure, Dragons and Adventures scenario coming to Catan Seafarers
  • Grail Games loses Knizia classic games, but gains Minion Games
  • Board & Dice hires Mik and Starla from Our Family Plays Games



  • Rival Networks from Formal Ferret Games
  • King of 12 by Lucky Duck
  • Ruins of Mars from Aetheris Games
  • Galaxy Hunters by IDW
  • Sweetlandia from Ultra-PRO





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