In this short first episode of 2021, a game designer patches his latest title online, a mad king gets some deluxe new digs, architects work up some new wonders, and we see if kids can escape a locked room all on their own.



  • "The Castles of Mad King Ludwig" gets a spiffy new collectors edition.
  • Capstone's "Iron Rails #3" will be a rerelease of "Iberian Gauge."
  • "Ginkopolis" to be reprinted with updated art.
  • Space Cowboys' "Jodhpur" to be released as "Botanik."
  • "Works of Wonder" expands "Architects of the West Kingdom."
  • Wander Geisha's Road in "Hanamikoji 2."
  • Stefan Feld updates the rules for "Castles of Tuscany."
  • "TaZmania" expansion to delivery a tighter experience for one to two players in "AuZtralia."
  • Invest and donate with a new version of "Hab & Gut."
  • "UNLOCK! Kids" delivers app-less fun for younger players.
  • Get chilly in "Aquatica: Cold Waters."
  • Solve Cthulhu mysteries with "Bureau of Investigation."
  • "Now of Never" to be the third title in Ryan Laukat's Arzium series.



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