This episode, a new trilogy of DragonLance books gets slayed before seeing the light of day, an eXciting eXpansion heads to "Marvel United," and we take a look at the Lycanroc of Wall Street.



  • Rachael Blaske steps down from her role at Poketto.
  • Authors sue WotC over cancelled DragonLance books.
  • CMON teases a certain "X"-based team coming to Marvel United.
  • Pokemon secondary market is hot thanks to influencers.
  • Protect the world from demons in "Rift Knights."
  • Scarlet Witch joining Marvel Champions: TCG.
  • "Primeval Peril" to tide over backers of "Sleeping Giants."
  • Artist works in media of board game components.
  • Trade in the Andes with "P'achakuna."
  • "How to Host a Game Night" hits bookshelves.
  • Rebuild and scare kids in "Spook Manor."





  • Cubitos
  • UNLOCK! Star Wars
  • Troyes Dice
  • New York Zoo
  • The Court of Miracles
  • Blue Skies
  • Durian



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