• The Orville is coming to HeroClix
  • Disney Villainous Wicked to the Core wins the Toy of the Year at the New York Toy Fair
  • Wizards of the Coast releases a Stranger Things D&D starter set
  • Evolution the video game gets an update


Hotness Review:

  • Hate
  • Waste Knights 2nd Ed
  • Consumption: Food and Choices
  • Root
  • Res Arcana
  • Coloma
  • Terramara


New/Upcoming Releases:

  • Vadoran Gordens
  • Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth: An Expedition Game
  • Tudor
  • Bushido
  • Ganymede



  • Tiny Epic Tactics
  • hexaGONE
  • Aeon's End: The New Age


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